Baby Leaf Spinach

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Spinach 'Apollo'

…green, thick, rounded leaves of superb quality. Spinach 'Apollo' has good bolting resistance when grown as a 'baby leaf' crop and also makes particularly productive mature plants with resistance to all the modern races of downy mildew. Grow spinach in…  More Info

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Spinach PV1390 'Red Veined'

A decorative spinach variety bringing flavour and colour to the plate. Unusual red veining and red stems make this a stand out variety on the veg patch. Excellent as a baby leaf for salad use, when picked around 35 days from a spring sowing. The leaf veining…  More Info

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Spinach 'Helios' F1 Hybrid

…and into autumn. This variety has a slower speed of growth, producing a thicker leaf which helps protect it from bolting in mid-summer. The beautiful dark green glossy leaves have a good flavour and texture, ideal for use as a baby leaf in salads or cooked.…  More Info

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Organic Swiss Chard 'White Silver'

…this robust leaf beet is a versatile addition to the vegetable plot or even the flower border. Baby leaves can be used in salads while the juicy, mature stems can be chopped and steamed, or used to add a sweet crunch to stir fries. Mature leaves can be used as a…  More Info

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