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Baby Bio Houseplant Drip Feeder

There's no risk of forgetting to feed your houseplants with Baby Bio's handy drip feeders. These easy to use drippers provide a 'ready to use' solution of specially formulated plant feed, to nourish your house plants for up to a month. Simply cut off the tip off the dripper…  More Info

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Baby Bio Houseplant Food

It's easy to keep your house plants in top condition with Baby Bio Houseplant Fertiliser! Tried and trusted for over 60 years, this leading brand will promote healthy foliage and brighter blooms. Baby Bio Houseplant Food is formulated to provide all the…  More Info

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Baby Bio Leaf Shine

Keep your house plants in tip-top condition with Baby Bio Leaf Shine. This long lasting foliar spray will leave your favourite plants with a natural looking shine, without the need for dusting or polishing. With regular use it will keep the leaves free from a build-up of dust…  More Info

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