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Artichoke Plants

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Artichoke 'Italian Purple'

…fresh artichokes during summer. The purple-skinned flower buds of Artichoke ?Italian Purple? are generously large and can be removed from the stem when ready. Enjoy the whole head steamed, the fleshy petals can be picked off and dipped into garlic butter or tangy dressings. The flavoursome artichoke  More Info

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Artichoke 'Imperial Star'

…the petals steamed with a dressing or melted garlic butter - the heart of the flower head (artichoke hearts) can be pickled and preserved for later use in salads and on pizza. These reliable perennial plants will produce a good crop every summer for up to four years. Height: 1.8m (6?). Spread: 75cm…  More Info

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Chinese Artichoke 'Rosoku'

Chinese Artichokes are an excellent addition to the veg plot: unusual, prolific, low maintenance and perennial. Not many vegetables could boast such claims! They are very popular in French cuisine where they are known as Crosnes. This hardy perennial from the mint family produces 20 to 30 knobbly…  More Info

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Mangave Trio

…the form of an artichoke. The tip of each leaf is finished with a maroon spine, the spines converging at the top where the artichoke comes to a point. Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a defined plant size. The height and spread of the plant delivered will…  More Info

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Mangave 'Praying Hands'

…at the top where the artichoke comes to a point. Boasting the architectural qualities of an Agave, but much faster growing, Mangave ?Blazing Saddles? makes a striking succulent specimen for a conservatory or patio pot. This indoor/outdoor plant represents a revolution in plant breeding. Mangave is a…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Vegetable Collection

Boost your harvests with this nurseryman?s choice collection of jumbo vegetable plug plants. Fill any last minute gaps and get the most out of your veg plot. ' This collection may contain some of the following varieties:* Oca 'Giggles'* Cucumber 'Ayda'* Sweet 'Potato Murasaki 29'* Cucumber Grafted…  More Info

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