Anisodontea Elegans Princess

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Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans

Hostas are the 'go to' plant for shady borders or in pots on shaded patios. Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans is a worthy RHS Award of Garden Merit holder due to it's many features. The Giant Blue Hosta has ridged blue/green foliage which forms a backdrop to the pale lilac bell shaped…  More Info

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Clematis 'Purpurea Plena Elegans'

Quick, easy and ever so elegant, Clematis 'Purpurea Plena Elegans' emerges as a firm favourite among novice and veteran gardeners alike. Its dusky pink petals are gorgeously layered, forming dazzling double blooms. From July right through to Autumn it maintains its colourful sheen.…  More Info

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Clematis 'Princess Diana'

Just as beautiful as it's namesake, the Clematis 'Princess Diana' boasts eye catching magenta pink blooms that are very similar to the shape of tulips. The stunning pink shade is highlighted by the wispy creamy yellow stamens. Clematis 'Princess Diana' is a late flowering…  More Info

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Daphne 'Perfume Princess'

A triumph in Daphne breeding, Daphne 'Perfume Princess' produces delicate pink flowers, nearly double the size of Daphne odora blooms, and with the same powerful fragrance. Although slow-growing, this compact shrub is worth the wait as the stems become clothed in flowers throughout…  More Info

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Hosta 'Giant Leaved Mix'

…bring a claming, leafy feel to courtyard gardens, softening the edges of paved areas. Hosta 'Giant Leaved Mix' comprises: * Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans - Architectural, blue-green foliage, which is great for the shaded end of cottage garden borders. Height: 100cm (39).…  More Info

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Dahlia Cactus Collection

…only look good in your garden but are great for cutting and bringing indoors too. Varieties are: Orange Turmoil, Nuit D?Ete, Yellow Star, Park Princess and Badger Twinkle. Hardy plants that will return each year giving bigger and better shows. Height: 100cm (39). Spread:…  More Info

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House Plant Green Mix

…Dracaena marginata (Madagascar Dragon Tree) - Slender green leaves with a narrow red-purple edge. Enjoys a position in light shade. * Chamaedorea elegans (Parlour Palm) - A beautiful Palm with elegant light green foliage and a compact, slow growth habit. Prefers a bright…  More Info

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There were no documents that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.