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Alstroemeria 'Holiday Valley' (Summer Paradise Series)

The rich orange blooms of Alstroemeria 'Holiday Valley' make a colourful display throughout summer. Flowering for months on end, there will be plenty of blooms to spare for cut flower arrangements. This tough little Peruvian Lily is extremely hardy, coping with temperatures as low…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Summer Lovely'

This beautiful'Peruvian Lily is fantastic for exotic and contemporary style gardens. Alstroemeria 'Summer Lovely' has'large, scarlet red flowers, and dense, lush green foliage.'Pulling the tall stems, rather than cutting them, will encourage even more blooms to grow. It…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Little Miss Zoe'

Alstroemeria 'Little Miss Zoe' may be neat and compact in size but this bold, dwarf variety makes a big impact on the patio! The scarlet red blooms are accompanied by variegated leaves of pale gold, with dark green margins. Reaching only 30cm (12) tall, this hardworking…  More Info

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