Alpine Geranium

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Erodium Spanish Eyes

Erodiums are enchanting plants, like daintier versions of their Geranium cousins. They form low mounds covered in delicate, 5-petalled flowers throughout summer and autumn which are held on slender stems above attractive foliage. Erodium ‘Spanish Eyes’ is an evergreen…  More Info

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Erodium x variabile 'Roseum'

…is a hardy little alpine plant, perfect for filling small crevices and gaps in walls, rockeries and patios. Its low-spreading habit forms cushions of scalloped, grey-green foliage, which is topped off with a profusion of pink flowers with darker veins, just like little   More Info

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Geranium cinereum 'Jolly Jewel Silver'

…colourful ground cover in rockeries and alpine troughs. Geranium cinereum 'Jolly Jewel Silver' is a brand new cultivar that really packs a punch. It?s bold cerise blooms are unmissable, each with a contrasting black eye and dark veins. This robust hardy Geranium  More Info

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Erodium 'Spanish Eyes'

…and a beautifully intricate pattern of veining. Thriving in sunshine and excellent drainage, this gorgeous little alpine is a lovely addition to rockeries, gravel gardens, alpine troughs, containers and the front of free-draining borders, flowering from late spring…  More Info

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