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Delosperma 'Sundella' Collection

Bright, exotic-looking blooms bring a lively splash of colour to rockeries, gravel gardens, alpine troughs and containers. These tough little ground cover plants are perfect for hot, sunny spots where they will happily tolerate poor, stony soils once established. Delosperma …  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Seasonal Alpine and Rockery Collection

Perfect for creating your own alpine trough or planting up a gravel garden. This collection will be be selected at random from our wide range of hardy alpine and rockery plants. We can't specify exactly which species you will recieve - that would spoil the fun! You can…  More Info

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Sedum and Succulent Collection

…and carpet forming sedums and succulents provide interest all year round. Excellent for low-maintenance displays in borders, raised beds, rockeries or alpine tubs and bowls. You can choose between lucky dip selections of either sedums or succulents - or buy both for…  More Info

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Platycladus orientalis 'Aurea Nana'

A neat upright compact conifer, the Dwarf Oriental Thuja grows to a height of 90cm, making it an ideal confier for alpine gardens and rockeries and it will last for many years. They are very robust and can grow in all types of soil and conditions. Platycladus orientalis …  More Info

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Oxalis Censation™ 'Double Pink Wonder'

…picotee edges. This Shamrock is a low growing bulb, forming a spreading clump of triangular, clover-like foliage. It is ideal for alpine troughs, pots and sheltered rockeries. 'In most parts of the UK they are best grown in containers and moved to a frost free…  More Info

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Leontopodium Berghman (Blossom of Snow)

…suited to modern, exotic and alpine rockery gardens. Eidelweiss, is a hardy perennial, alpine plant. The plant has soft and 'woolly', star-shaped blooms and silvery foliage. It has free drainage particularly during the winter months, so it is ideal for growing…  More Info

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Osteospermum 'Erato Double Ice Blue'

This African daisy is great for informal, and priarie style borders and planters, as well as alpine rockeries. Osteospermum erato ?Double Ice Blue? flowers from May until September, and has nearly white single petals, that contrast with the blue-edged double centres. Thrives…  More Info

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Sedum 'Beach Party'

…bees and butterflies that flock to this plant in late summer. This dwarf cultivar is particularly compact, making it ideally suited for alpine beds and rockeries, and for the front of borders. ?Beach Party? forms an attractive low mound of yellow-green foliage, with…  More Info

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Sedum 'Sunsparkler' Collection

The Sedum 'Sunsparkler' series is from American breeding and is perfect for ground cover in alpine gardens and rockeries. This collection has been selected for their fabulous leaf colour, compact growth habit and large, contrasting flower heads. The plants form dense cushions…  More Info

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Anagallis monellii 'Skylover'

What a stunning alternative to Lobelia! The spreading stems of this pretty Blue Pimpernel make a carpet of summer flowers for your rockery or alpine garden. Its interesting foliage and pendulous habit are perfect for your hanging baskets too. This delightful hardy perennial…  More Info

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Helianthemum 'Peachy Keen'

…sunny banks. From late spring to summer, Helianthemum 'Peachy Keen' bears fully double, papery, pink flowers which bring a lovely splash of colour to rockeries and alpine troughs. Once established, this easy going, hardy shrub is resilient and drought tolerant. Height…  More Info

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Mazus Creeping Orchid

alpine is surprisingly tough and spreads quickly to create dense mats of ground cover. The low growing foliage bears pretty purple flowers with attractive, yellow-spotted markings from May to July. Mazus reptans makes a lovely spreading perennial for carpeting rockeries,<…  More Info

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Rhododendron 'Geisha Orange' (Azalea Group)

…dwarf Azalea, with vibrant, tangerine orange blooms. It is ideal for the borders of small gardens, and is also a great addition to an alpine garden rockery. It flowers in May and sometimes in June, helping to provide colour in between spring bulbs, and summer…  More Info

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Anemone blanda

…shaped blooms with a golden eye are carried above soft green dissected leaves. These graceful beauties are ideal for planting through rockeries, borders and alpine troughs. For maximum impact, try naturalising them in drifts through grass or open woodland. Height:…  More Info

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Poppy 'Pacino'

Poppy 'Pacino' will add a lovely bright splash of lemon yellow to rockeries, gravel gardens and alpine troughs from June to August. With low mounds of finely cut, blue-green foliage and short upright stems topped with the cup-shaped blooms. Japanese Poppies are well loved by…  More Info

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Oenothera fruticosa 'African Sun'

…evening. Otherwise known as Sundrops, the cheerful bowl-shaped blooms look wonderful in pots and containers; in mixed borders; in rockeries; wildlife gardens and alpine gardens. Oenothera is a useful herbaceous perennial with slender green foliage and it thrives in…  More Info

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Erodium x variabile 'Roseum'

Erodium x variabile 'Roseum' is a hardy little alpine plant, perfect for filling small crevices and gaps in walls, rockeries and patios. Its low-spreading habit forms cushions of scalloped, grey-green foliage, which is topped off with a profusion of pink flowers with darker…  More Info

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Hardy 'Garden Cactus'

…Cactus? that can survive short periods as low as -7C (45F). Echinopsis hybrid (Chamaelobivia group) makes a real talking point in well drained rockeries, alpine troughs and gravel gardens. These clump forming Cacti will slowly develop spiky clumps, decorated in summer…  More Info

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Platycodon Astra Blue

Platycodon Astra Blue is a plant that is a good choice for a rockery, or alpine trough. Balloon flower has neat clumps of foliage, with upright stems. Each stems boasts a cluster of inflated, round buds that explode into deep, blue star-shaped flowers. This cultivar is a…  More Info

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Lewisia 'Elise Mixed'

A neat little perennial that is usually reserved for alpine houses, but modern breeding ensures that Lewisia ?Elise Mixed? flowers in its first year - making it perfect for bedding! The starry blooms in bright, tropical colours are produced above neat rosettes of evergreen foliage.…  More Info

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