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Alocasia Cuprea Mix

…the ‘Jewel Alocasia’, these exotic, foliage specimens are one of the most dramatic houseplants. Bold, heart-shaped leaves taper down to fine points and range in colour from pale jade to glossy, metallic greens, all with attractive, prominent veining. These   More Info

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Alocasia zebrina (House Plant)

…the Philippines but is fast becoming a popular choice in homes across the globe! Alocasia zebrina is a fast growing perennial with incredible zebra-striped stems that produce sleek arrow-shaped leaves. Alocasia needs regular naturing so water little and often and…  More Info

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Alocasia x amazonica (House Plant)

Few house plants are as dramatic as Alocasia x amazonica! The wavy edged leaves are dark green with purple undersides, and patterned with silvery-white veins that create an impressive contrast. This magnificent evergreen enjoys a lightly shaded spot in a warm room or conservatory.…  More Info

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Alocasia 'Red Secret'

Alocasias are striking and sculptural houseplants and Alocasia ‘Red Secret’ is no exception. The bold, puckered leaves are an unusual deep red with glowing maroon undersides and an attractive metallic sheen. Maximum height: 70cm (28in). Spread: 40cm (16in). Please…  More Info

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Alocasia 'Dragon Scale'

Bring the tropical jungle into your home with Alocasia ‘Dragon Scale’! This fabulous foliage plant boasts large, arrow-shaped leaves boldly marked with scaley patterning. Ultimate height: 50cm (20in). Spread: 40cm (16in). Please note: Alocasias are harmful to pets…  More Info

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Alocasia Cucullata in stone ceramic

…this lush, elegant houseplant. Also known as Buddha’s hand, Alocasia cucullata is said to bring good luck, and is often planted outside Buddhist temples in its native ranges in Southeast Asia. This easy-to-grow Alocasia boasts glossy, deep green heart-shaped…  More Info

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