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Wallflower 'Super scent Mix'

…Robust hardy perennialEnjoy a magnificent spectrum of vivid colours throughout spring coupled with a heady citrus fragrance. Low maintenance Wallflower 'Super-scent Mix' is certain to spice up your garden borders and containers. This hardy perennial provides robust winter bedding that…

Price Range: £9.99 - £16.97

Wallflower 'Dwarf Scented Mixed'

…reliable and straight-forward wallflowers are still one the country's most sought after hardy biennial plants for early summer flowering. These tough plants have been in our gardens for years and are just as popular now as they have ever been. Wallflower 'Dwarf Scented Mixed' will…

Price Range: £9.99 - £14.98

Wallflower 'Winter Sorbet'

Wallflower 'Winter Sorbet' produces stunning lilac-purple blooms which mature to shades of burnt orange to create a fragrant patchwork of colour. With a neat, compact habit, this evergreen erysimum hybrid is perfect for beds, borders and containers. This short lived perennial is usually…

Price Range: £9.99 - £19.98

Wallflower 'Winter Party'

The sugary aromatic blooms of this new hybrid Erysimum create a warm blend of colour in shades of golden orange, cerise and mauve, flowering throughout April, May, June and July. Versatile and easy to grow, even in poor soils, this evergreen variety has a neat, bushy habit making it an ideal…

Price Range: £14.99 - £19.98

Tropaeolum speciosum

 Customer Review Rating An eruption of fiery red flowers will set walls and fences ablaze with exotic blooms throughout summer. Set against a backdrop of attractive foliage, the spurred flowers are followed by spherical blue fruits. This frost hardy climber is ideal for romping through…

Price: £7.98

Jasminum x stephanense

This pretty deciduous climber bears an abundance of delicate star-shaped pink flowers in June and July, which emit a delicious jasmine fragrance. The slender leaves emerge pale yellow in spring before turning green in summer, and the twining stems will quickly spread to clothe walls, fences,…

Price Range: £9.99 - £39.96

Winter Bedding Lucky Dip

…and fragrance to your beds, borders, containers and window boxes from February right through until June. Our extensive range includes pansies, wallflowers, stocks, Sweet Williams and much more. We will send you at least 2 different varieties for the 48 pack and 3 for the 72 pack. The 24 pack will…

Price Range: £5.99 - £9.97

Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific' (Large Plant)

A romantic climbing plant, Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific' produces very long, pendant racemes of lilac-purple, deliciously fragrant flowers from mid-spring through to early summer. A dense covering of feathery, divided leaves provide interest throughout summer, turning buttery yellow…

Price Range: £18.99 - £28.98

Wallflower 'Persian Carpet Mix' (Seeds)

Dwarf, compact plants featuring flowers in a range of bright colours, and with a subtle fragrance, making them perfect for spring bedding displays. Height and spread: 30cm (12"). Culinary information: The tender young shoots can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable. For more details about…

Price: £1.99

Clematis Summer and Winter flowering Collection

* Yellow droplet blooms on 'Summer Beauty'* Creamy-white blooms on 'Winter Beauty'* Grow both together for double the flowering seasonFlowering through June to September, 'Summer Beauty' Clematis repens (The Twinkle Bell Clematis) produces multitudes of nodding,…

Price: £14.98

Saponaria ocymoides (Large Plant)

Saponaria ocymoides has a loose, spreading habit that looks superb when spilling lazily from wall crevices, or softening the edges of rockeries and hard paving. An abundance of striking pink summer flowers envelop the bushy, semi-evergreen stems of this vigorous dainty perennial. Tumbling Ted is…

Price Range: £9.99 - £14.98

Snail Tree

This evergreen twining climber is a close relative to the runner bean. Grown for its pendants of twisted flowers, like coiled snail shells, up to 5cm (2") across. The fascinating summer flowers are followed by cylindrical green fruits in late autumn. Requiring a minimum temperature of…

Price Range: £8.99 - £12.98