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Wallflower 'Super scent Mix'

…Robust hardy perennialEnjoy a magnificent spectrum of vivid colours throughout spring coupled with a heady citrus fragrance. Low maintenance Wallflower 'Super-scent Mix' is certain to spice up your garden borders and containers. This hardy perennial provides robust winter bedding that…More Info


Wallflower 'Dwarf Scented Mixed'

…reliable and straight-forward wallflowers are still one the country's most sought after hardy biennial plants for early summer flowering. These tough plants have been in our gardens for years and are just as popular now as they have ever been. Wallflower 'Dwarf Scented Mixed' will…More Info


Wallflower 'Winter Party'

The sugary aromatic blooms of this new hybrid Erysimum create a warm blend of colour in shades of golden orange, cerise and mauve, flowering throughout April, May, June and July. Versatile and easy to grow, even in poor soils, this evergreen variety has a neat, bushy habit making it an ideal…More Info


Wallflower 'Winter Sorbet'

Wallflower 'Winter Sorbet' produces stunning lilac-purple blooms which mature to shades of burnt orange to create a fragrant patchwork of colour. With a neat, compact habit, this evergreen erysimum hybrid is perfect for beds, borders and containers. This short lived perennial is usually…More Info


Winter Bedding Lucky Dip

…and fragrance to your beds, borders, containers and window boxes from February right through until June. Our extensive range includes pansies, wallflowers, stocks, Sweet Williams and much more. We will send you at least 2 different varieties for the 48 pack and 3 for the 72 pack. The 24 pack will…More Info


Passiflora Collection

Passion flowers will add a lovely, exotic look and feel to your garden, quickly covering unsightly walls and fences with their twining stems, glossy foliage and glamorous blooms. This new collection of two large flowered varieties comprises Passiflora 'Duuk' - the most winter hardy…More Info


Wallflower 'Persian Carpet Mix' (Seeds)

Dwarf, compact plants featuring flowers in a range of bright colours, and with a subtle fragrance, making them perfect for spring bedding displays. Height and spread: 30cm (12"). Culinary information: The tender young shoots can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable. For more details about…More Info


Honeysuckle Collection

Our Honeysuckle Collection is made up of three varieties chosen to give continuous flowers (in various shades and contrasts) over a long period. These beautiful cottage garden classics are perfect for growing up walls, fences and trellis, and can also be left to twine among other trees and…More Info


Abelia x grandiflora (Large Plant)

Not often seen in gardens, Abelia grandiflora remains colourful and fragrant over many months, and is especially so in autumn. Abelia grandiflora is semi-evergreen. Its bowing branches bear clusters of sweet flowers. It is perfect for a border exposed to full sun and adding interest to mixed…More Info


Lilac 'Superba' (Large Plant)

Syringa subsp. microphylla 'Superba' is a deciduous shrub that is covered in delicate clusters of subtle pink tubular flowers in late spring. The striking blooms of this Lilac emit a sweet, powerful fragrance that is simply irresistible. Lilac 'Superba' is extremely versatile thanks…More Info


Clematis 'Dancing Smile'

* Intricate dahlia-like double blooms* Simple to pruneA unique Clematis with stunning, fully double flowers in shades of pink, mauve and white, resembling a Dahlia! These breathtaking blooms are produced from May through June, followed by another flush of flowers in late summer for a long…More Info


Snail Tree

This evergreen twining climber is a close relative to the runner bean. Grown for its pendants of twisted flowers, like coiled snail shells, up to 5cm (2") across. The fascinating summer flowers are followed by cylindrical green fruits in late autumn. Requiring a minimum temperature of…More Info


Honeysuckle 'Dropmore Scarlet'

This vigorous climbing honeysuckle produces clusters of fiery red-orange flowers over a long period from July to September. Semi-evergreen in all but the coldest winters, Honeysuckle 'Dropmore Scarlet' will quickly cover walls, fences and pergolas with fabulous colour, providing…More Info


Clematis montana 'Mayleen'

* Quick-growing climber* Bronze foliage* RHS Award of Garden MeritA superb RHS AGM variety of the ever popular montana clematis. This quick growing climber will rapidly cover walls and trellis, even in those tricky north facing positions. From mid-spring the stems are smothered in delicate…More Info


Clematis 'Crystal Fountain'

Transform a dull fence with the majestic blooms of Clematis 'Crystal Fountain'. Large mauve flowers with contrasting white anthers and a brilliant lime green centre smother this superb climber throughout summer. This free flowering climber is neat and compact - perfect for growing on an…More Info


Clematis 'Ashva' (Large Plant)

Wild clematis are native to China, and the first garden types were created in Japan. Clematises arrived in European gardens from Japan in the 18th century, and since then hundreds of different cultivars have been created. Clematis 'Ashva' is a late flowering clematis that flowers from July…More Info


Clematis florida var. florida 'Sieboldiana'

Beautiful snowy white petals frame the purple ruffled dome at the centre of these large blooms that reach up to 10cm (4") across. As the stunning flowers fade, Clematis florida var. florida 'Sieboldiana' takes on a new appearance with its attractive fluffy seedheads providing…More Info


Rose 'Summer Breeze'

This vigorous climbing rose produces sweetly scented bright pink flowers with beautiful pale cream centres. Borne on strong upright stems, the single flowers are highly attractive to bees and other pollinating insects and can even be cut for a vase indoors. Repeat-flowering, Rose 'Summer…More Info


Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue' (Seeds)

Gorgeous sky blue flowers, up to 6cm (2'in) across that open in the morning, appear throughout summer on this free-flowering, elegant climber. Height: 300cm (18"). Spread: 30cm (12").More Info


Morning Glory 'Fragrant Sky'

A new specimen whose blooms are a delicate haze of blue, each with a fine sweet aroma.A great climber up a frame in a container, a low fence or a trellis. Ht. 1m. Supplied in a 10cm pot.More Info


Morning Glory 'Kiss Me Quick' (Seeds)

Amazing striped blooms in pink and mauve are borne on this vigorous climber all summer long. It is an ideal variety for climbing up trellis, fences and frames. Height: 240cm (94"). Spread: 30cm (12").More Info


Clematis florida 'Taiga'

Clematis 'Taiga' is a flamboyant climber which produces countless blooms right through summer against a background of rich green foliage. As well as being ideal for covering walls and fences, this unusual clematis is also suitable for growing in patio containers. You can also just plant it in a…More Info


Clematis 'Miss Bateman' (Large Plant)

Clematis 'Miss Bateman' bears simple, pure white flowers with exquisite contrasting red stamens that make an elegant summer display. This stunning RHS AGM variety is vigorous and free flowering, providing superb cover for walls and fences. Height: 2.5m (8'). Spread: 1m (3'). Pruning…More Info


Clematis 'Snow Queen' (Large Plant)

A beautiful white variety, Clematis 'Snow Queen' has large flowers with a a soft mauve tint that fade to white. This clematis is at its best in the early summer, and will flower again in late summer with a second flush of blooms, some of which are striped with pale pink. It is a perfect…More Info


Clematis Avant

A viticella type with fabulous recurved red blooms with a central boss of pale pink petals. Clematis 'Avant-Garde' is a vigorous climber, scaling obelisks, walls and fences with ease. At the end of each season, simply cut the stems back to just above ground level - pruning really…More Info


Clematis 'Fujimusume' (Large Plant)

Clematis 'Fujimusume' is a robust and relatively compact RHS AGM variety, ideal for growing against walls and fences, or for planting in a large patio container. With its dramatic blooms, it deserves a prominent position. An early and large-flowered variety, it bears single, purple-blue…More Info


Viola 'Bunny Ears'

An unusual little viola that will certainly cheer up anywhere from a rockery, container or even in a crack in a wall! These amusing yet pretty little Viola 'Bunny Ears' have unusual elongated top petals, which, as the name suggests, gives them the appearance of rabbit ears. When allowed to grow…More Info


Ixia 'Spotlight'

From early summer, the South African Corn Lily throws up sprays of starry, white blooms on slender, upright stems. Ixia 'Spotlight' is a particularly attractive variety with contrasting burgundy blotches at the centre of each bloom, and raspberry pink stripes to the reverse of the petals. These…More Info


Ceanothus x delileanus 'Gloire de Versailles' (Large Plant)

Ceanothus 'Glorie de Versailles' is covered in stunning powder-blue flowers all summer long, over its neat round shape. Bees and butterflies are attracted to the sweetly-scented nectar of the flowers too. Ceanothus is an easy to grow shrub, being drought tolerant, fast growing and it…More Info


Morning Glory

This twining climber has mid-green, heart shaped leaves and a wealth of striking violet blue flowers. Vigorous and easy to grow, this pretty Morning Glory can be grown in a cool conservatory, or outdoors in borders or patio containers. Height: 3m (10'). Spread: 1m (40").…More Info


Trachelospermum 'Pink Shower'

A Star Jasmine with candy pink flowers that will add a new colour choice to your climbing selection. Trachelospermum 'Pink Showers' is a great climbing plant that offers evergreen foliage and a hardy performance every year, but instead of the normal white flowers, this variety has pretty pink!…More Info


Escallonia 'Apple Blossom' (Large Plant)

A wonderfully versatile evergreen shrub with a profusion of delicately scented pink flowers all summer long, which are attractive to bees. The small glossy leaves of this RHS AGM variety persist throughout winter, providing colour and structure in even the bleakest months of the year. Robust and…More Info


Jasminum x stephanense

This pretty deciduous climber bears an abundance of delicate star-shaped pink flowers in June and July, which emit a delicious jasmine fragrance. The slender leaves emerge pale yellow in spring before turning green in summer, and the twining stems will quickly spread to clothe walls, fences,…More Info


Ornamental Gourds Mix (Seeds)

Fun-to-grow mix of small fruited gourds in a wide selection of colours and shapes. Plants will climb, cascade or spread over ground. Fruits can be harvested, dried and varnished. Height: 35cm (14"). Spread: 200cm (79").More Info


Albizia julibrissin 'Summer Chocolate'

Delicate, finely cut, bronze purple foliage is accompanied by magnificent feathery purple and cream blooms throughout the summer months. Albizia julibrissin 'Summer Chocolate' is great for gardens large or small and makes a stunning tree or a handsome wall shrub. This lovely Silk Tree is…More Info


Fuchsia 'Giant Marbled Collection'

The Fuchsia 'Giant Marbled Collection' provides a magnificent mixture of trailing fuchsia plants suitable for containers and hanging baskets. They also look effective trailing over walls and in rockeries. The delightful half-hardy perennials provide a unique combination of marbled…More Info


Saponaria ocymoides (Large Plant)

Saponaria ocymoides has a loose, spreading habit that looks superb when spilling lazily from wall crevices, or softening the edges of rockeries and hard paving. An abundance of striking pink summer flowers envelop the bushy, semi-evergreen stems of this vigorous dainty perennial. Tumbling Ted is…More Info


Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific' (Large Plant)

A romantic climbing plant, Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific' produces very long, pendant racemes of lilac-purple, deliciously fragrant flowers from mid-spring through to early summer. A dense covering of feathery, divided leaves provide interest throughout summer, turning buttery yellow…More Info


Clematis Year Round Collection

* Yellow droplet blooms on 'Summer Beauty'* Creamy-white blooms on 'Winter Beauty'* Grow both together for double the flowering seasonFlowering through June to September, 'Summer Beauty' Clematis repens (The Twinkle Bell Clematis) produces multitudes of nodding,…More Info


Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' (Large Plant)

Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' is best grown in a sunny position, where the single, velvety red flowers with brown anthers will gradually mature to a stunning purple-red colour. Arguably one of the best red varieties, Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' will produce a striking display from July…More Info


Saxifraga 'Peter Pan' (Large Plant)

A real show-stopper when in flower! Saxifraga 'Peter Pan' produces masses of wonderful dark pink flowers above cushions of dense evergreen leaves. Flowering in spring, Saxifrage plants are superb paired with spring bulbs or planted around spring-flowering shrubs for an explosion…More Info


Flower Pouches®

Plant up a Flower Pouch® with your favourite flowers. Busy Lizzies, Begonias and Petunias look stunning in summer, while a winter display of Pansies is hard to beat. Easy to plant up and maintain, with full instructions provided to create a colourful arrangement to hang just about…More Info


Winter Scented Flower Collection

A superb collection of two fragrant winter flowering varieties:* Jasminium nudiflorum has canary yellow blooms which smother the bare stems from February onwards - a sure sign that spring is on its way. This vigorous winter Jasmine has a loose sprawling habit that can easily be trained upwards…More Info


Tomato Flower Pouch

Grow your own delicious tomatoes in these practical tomato pouches. Easy to plant up and maintain, you will be able to hang your tomato plants just about anywhere! Suspend them from hooks or nails, against house walls, fences and garden sheds.More Info


Printed Flower Pouch®

This new printed version of our Flower Pouch® boasts an attractive design so that it looks good even when not completely covered with your favourite flowers! You can plant up with Busy Lizzies, Begonias and Petunias for a stunning display in summer, while a winter display of Pansies is…More Info


Clematis viticella 'Xerxes' (Large Plant)

This clematis flowers over the whole summer period, from June until September, with a big display of gorgeous, large violet blue flowers with contrasting red anthers in the centre. Clematis viticella 'Xerxes' or often called 'Elsa Spath' has a moderate growth habit, making it…More Info


Clematis 'Girenas' (Large Plant)

A particularly eye-catching variety, Clematis 'Girenas' has wide, pale-pink flowers with attractively crimped edges, and a bar of deep pink running through the centre of each sepal. It produces a profusion of flowers through June and July, followed by a second flush in late summer. A…More Info


Clematis 'Vyvyan Pennell' (Large Plant)

Frilly pom pom style flowers makes Clematis 'Vyvyan Pennell' one of the more unusual cultivars of clematis. Its lavender blue, double flowers, about 6 to 8 inches in diameter, emerge in late May. Later in the year the clematis will flower again, but this time it will have single, mauve…More Info


Chaenomeles x superba 'Elly Mossel' (Large Plant)

A bright and zingy addition to the spring garden, Chaenomeles x superba 'Elly Mossel' erupts with vibrant scarlet red flowers, just as the leaves emerge in March. These pretty blossoms are followed by green apple-like fruits which turn golden as autumn approaches and have a delicate…More Info


Chaenomeles x superba 'Nicoline' (Large Plant)

An excellent shrub for small gardens which has been awarded an RHS AGM; Chaenomeles x superba 'Nicoline' becomes smothered with vibrant red flowers just as the leaves emerge in March. These pretty blossoms are followed by green apple-like fruits which turn golden as autumn approaches and…More Info


Campsis x tagliabuana 'Indian Summer' (Large Plant)

The trumpet vine or trumpet creeper Campsis x tagliabuana 'Indian Summer' might look exotic and tropical, but is incredibly easy to grow, simply needing a south-facing wall to climb, or a sheltered pergola to creep over - or why not try growing it in our unique Tower Pot' for a…More Info


Clematis 'Frances Rivis' (Large Plant)

Well known for being a rather beautiful, reliable and robust variety, this alpina Clematis requires virtually no pruning and copes well even in exposed areas. The majestic sky blue blooms look more vivid in contrast to the pure white stamens, which form an abundance of fluffy seedheads come summer.…More Info


Rose 'Masquerade'

Incredible double flowers, that open yellow and gradually turn to pink before maturing to a gorgeous shade of red. This stunning climbing rose makes a particularly eye-catching feature grown against a wall or pergola. Height: 4m (12') Spread: 2m (6', 6") Useful links:…More Info


Gypsophila cerastioides (Large Plant)

A neat little semi-evergreen perennial, also known as Mouse-ear Gypsophila due to it's small spoon-shaped, slightly hairy leaves. From late spring through to mid-summer Gypsophila cerastioides produces pretty white flowers with tiny pink veins. With a mounding, spreading habit,…More Info


Sempervivum Collection

These architectural evergreen succulents, also known as houseleeks, form neat rosettes of pointed leaves in a variety of colours. Over time the rosettes multiply to form a dense carpet, and produce tall flower stems in summer, topped with clusters of pink, pale yellow or white star-shaped…More Info


Sempervivum 'Mixed' (Large Plant)

These architectural evergreen succulents, also known as houseleeks, form neat rosettes of pointed leaves in a variety of colours. Over time the rosettes multiply to form a dense carpet, and produce tall flower stems in summer, topped with clusters of pink, pale yellow or white star-shaped…More Info


Clematis 'Caroline' (Large Plant)

Clematis 'Caroline' is a clematis suited to a garden of soft pastel colours. Its star shaped flowers are a delicate shade of rose pink. This clematis will flower early in the summer and will often produce a second array of blooms in September. As a compact variety it is adaptable and looks…More Info


Clematis 'Lasurstern' (Large Plant)

The mid-blue blooms of Clematis 'Lasurstern' have an exotic-appearance and each flower can measure up to 15cm, making this hardy climber a great show-stopping addition to gardens both large and small. This hardy climber is an early flowering variety, blooming first in May and…More Info


Youth Berry

The Youth Berry is an unusual deciduous hardy climber which makes a lovely feature for a wall or fence. The twining stems of Schisandra chinensis bear clusters of small but beautiful creamy-pink blooms in early summer, which are followed in autumn by pendants of edible, scarlet red berries.…More Info


Coronilla glauca 'Citrina'

This hard working shrub bears a profusion of flowers in winter and spring, just when the garden is at it dullest. Fragrant pale yellow, pea-like blooms stand out against a backdrop of blue-green foliage that remains evergreen. With a compact, rounded habit Coronilla glauca 'Citrina'…More Info